Dynamic Album

Endless possibilities of presentation

Endless possibilities of presentation: a closed dynamic album takes the space of a normal book, when open it takes any simple, complex and/or composite shape.
No particular conservation care is necessary, usable in any occasion. Easily transportable.

Features: 20/100 mm solid structure. Achievable in any size and number of pages. Indestructible coating, resistant on the junctions, good-looking.
It can be opened like a normal book, both from the right and from the left hand, Self-standing, allowing the vertical/horizontal disposition.

Professional ambit: used in any field, from jewellery to furniture, from samples to smart reasoned archives.
Versatility and ease of use, make them exceptional work instruments.
The craftsmanship in their production evidence the Italian fantasy, pride and inventiveness.

They illustrate Goods, Products and Services even better than the original.
The particular conformity enhances the image.
The attention of the Client is focused without creating confusion, they give the perception of clean and precision. Even a simple photocopy applied looks like a professional print fine art.

The Industry prefers these supports for expo, exhibitions, conventions. They represent the business with excellence.
Hotel Halls, Company Headquarters, Communication and Advertising Agencies, Printing Companies achieve big consent for the presentation of contracts.

Artists, Art Galleries, Photographers, Architects, Show Rooms, Trendy Shops…
Just prepare their communication and fix it on the dynamic album and become icons of the know-how and know-how-to-do, absolutely a perceivable and shared Class.

The dynamic album lends also to 3D objects, opportunely calibrating the distance between the junctions. They are made upon request.
Equipped with an external rigid cover, they can make the difference in the approach of the Company with the Customer.

In the family it has replaced the traditional photo-album, becoming an artistic “sculpture” of great quality.
Amateur and advanced photographers at last have a solution to the static limit of their work.

The emotion given by a dynamic album has no comparison versus an industrial photo-album!
They can be shaped in several different ways, filed with elegant customized covers, used without limits and in any occasion. Exceptional gifts awarded by the expression of astonishment!

The dynamic album is studied to fix on the pages texts besides pictures! Any proposition will take importance by the association of the emotion to the content.
Constructive design, elegance, precision are immediately perceived and shared.
Easy, sturdy, practic, insertable in any contest and splendid in any occasion!
Transgressive in its engineering, realization, use. Size, number of pages and finishing can be customized.

Icons for advanced forms of collecting, dynamic archives, excellent representations.
Never more tired and unused libraries.
With the dynamic album pictures and texts will take the indifference over.

The photograph as witness of the most beautiful moments, to revive unconditionally, as live and integral part at home.
The dynamism of the new media perfected and transferred to the paper, for everybody! 

The best restaurants rather prefer to present the Menu through customized dynamic album.
Nowadays, any local can dispose of its own Menu, practic, easy, beautiful!
At a cost even lower than the banal traditional industrial productions!

The ease of entry is such to entrust the task also to those with poor manual.
Available also with transparent polypropylene envelopes, set-up for insertion of A/4-A/5 printouts.

Simply…a beautiful story of the Italian Handicraft evolution.