How to pass from words to acts.

Since 1904 the specialized service for Notary Offices.
Whenever you want, even at your domicile, without uncertainties and with the guarantee of a sure, assisted and certain performance.

As of 01/09/2015 we serve 57 Notary Offices, with mutual professional satisfaction.
We have a clear concept of responsibility, of deposit, of execution.
We can even perform our service at the Notary Office.

The binding of original deeds, repertories and indexes, with identical protocol.
For each Notary the choice of 8 different types of binding.
Lead time for execution: av. 4 days.
Costs: three well identifiable price-lists,

(the deeds must be already controlled and ready for sewing).
We double check the predisposed deeds).

(we check the progression of sheets numbers, the progression of the attachments, folding of all the attachments, elongation of eventual sheets without margins, shimming in case of folded maps,…)

Also in the cheap choice the volumes are all raffia-thread sewn.
Each volume has reinforced spines and all covers bear precise identification data.
The price includes an eventual later intervention for finishing touch.

We can also make '800 style covers with particular engravings and decorations.

All Notaries receive our marble paper destined to the stipulation room and are updated as to our editions of rare and precious volumes.
The engravings are hot-technique, in gold or silver or in any other colour at high definition.
Coatings are in “neoprene” with beautiful finish, anti-scratch, anti-dust, anti-dirt, washable surfaces.
Or tissues with identification data on labels, heat-welded on the cover.
We reproduce (with acceptable approximation) the aesthetic of previous collections.

Remember that each binder makes use of personal methods, means, products.
It is impossible to identically copy the service performances of third parties.
Absolutely original bindings for each Customer with guarantee of exclusivity, without any extra cost.
The know-how of tradition and of experience in conjunction with the technological upgrading for precise, bright results, constant over the time.

We travel all over Lombardia, Piemonte and Liguria.
Skilled personnel with experience and unexceptionable behaviour.
Precise intervention on the agreed dates, delivery of work according to the expiry date.

Since 1904 we have been binding Deeds and, at the same time, also indexes, repertories, specialized magazines.
We take care of renovations.
We produce special cases to preserve the deeds before binding.
We also remake bindings accidentally made by non-specialized

Also possible the preparation of customized over-covers to coat damages archives or with non-appreciable aesthetic.
A simple and cheap solution, giving great results.

Since 1904 in Gallarate