Print and binding without compromises, to Graduates' service.

We print and bind, or even simply bind the copies that you print yourselves.
Execution within the day.

Endless possibilities of shapes, colours and engraving.
We also print the logo of the University without any extra cost.
Before proceeding with printing we check the file.
We graphically improve the front page and recommend the correct setting.

All volumes are sewn with raffia-thread (not blocked of glued, as it generally happens in the copy-shops).
The covers are tailor-made (we do not adapt pre-formed covers)!
For the engraving we can use any Font of any size.

We can printout on our precious marbled papers.

We also propose original types of bindings, like Japonese, with dedicated cases or simple boxes, even engraved.
An important archive of University logos, even foreigner, is available.
We hot-engrave in gold, silver or colours, at high definition.
We accept files sent by e-mail in pdf. format.

Endless choice of shapes, types of paper, customization, colours, finishing, coating materials.
Great attention to particulars and accessories like bookmarks, coloured capitals, golden or nicked angles…

Printout on different formats (A/4-A/3…).
Hand-use, coated, watermarked, ivory papers.
Graphic compositions philologically compatible with the contents.
Also available smooth (with foam rubber) or soft (in leather) covers.

We check each and any file to identify graphic aspects that eventually can be improved.
Send your file for an overall control, within a few hours you will receive our answer with eventual clarifications or recommendations, including the correct re-typing on the front-page. Just check it and give us your last indications as to execution: number of copies, type of paper, printout on one side only or front-back, cover colour, colour of engraving, pick-up time.

If you decide to personally come to our Laboratory (you will be welcome!) please give us advanced notice. You will find a person waiting for you for eventual recommendations.
When the work is completed, we double-check together all the features.

72 colours, 6 types of carton for covers, any type of engraving, excellent printing devices for printout with calibration of the profiles according to the file supplied, perfect binding of any off-size boards, selection of type and colour for the flyleaf.

Available also for Japonese bindings, an alternative of class and cheap, if compared with the commercial approximate hot-bindings of the copy-shops.
Wide range of types and colours of the thread and number of sewing passages.

The care of a real Handicraft Laboratory, the traditional passion, the technologic evolution.
Thesis are the first approach to the world of handicraft.

After this experience the Customer is bound and comes back to the Laboratory with pleasure, to solve all the problems connected with further forms of communication and to produce personal objects.
From the dynamic photo-album, cases, various types of bindings, printouts and all what our Company can offer.

Since 1904 in Gallarate.