72 types of bindings, each one appropriate for the type of document.

(binding of a Rocci or Mariotti dictionary, for example)
(to bring back to a known, precious, recognized and authoritative shape the material of a Wikipedian printer)
to have an essay and expression of high-class Italian handicraft.

Any book, even if semi-destroyed, can be bound reaching perfection.
Either if we talk about an old kitchen recipes book (Artusi, Escoffier, Talismano, Cucchiaio d'Argento, …) or of a bygone dictionary, or else…

The book is the object representing with excellence the own interests and passions.
A few books but well kept-up, destined to be transmitted to witness the excellence one of the most extraordinary adventures of know-how and know-how-to-do.
Cheaply, an authentic handicraft performance of Italian excellence.

For each edition the wise choice of correspondent materials, in the structure, shape, colours and engravings.
Bindings made to perfection transform a simple object in value that will acquire more and more importance over the time.

Anyone has indelible memories bound to adolescent experiences.
To renovate even a simple user manual, connected with an emotion, will revive the same joy.
Do not forget the economic value that it will acquire over the time.

Signature Books, binders of press-releases, personal manuscripts… if bound represent the own story better than any other object.
We produce bindings for any need and we also suggest inedited productions.
The possibilities of bindings are endless. To the known traditional structures juxtapose twisted, Japonese, inlay, composed, smooth, soft, round covers, …
New and technologic coatings: Kevlar, Tivek, fibres, … to the traditional tissues, leather, parchment, passing through the very useful special Neoprene.

All of them customizable and of great aesthetic effect.

An evolved tradition with sophisticated and efficient production systems.
Even for single piece.

Dictionaries, Vocabularies, Anthologies, Manuals, … binding is always worthwhile.
The recovery of a dictionary is a very profitable operation, and the binding achieved defies the elapsing time.

Any document can be bound with extraordinary effects.
Pictures and graphics make each and any piece unique.
The innovation recommended by our Laboratory widely overcomes Customer's expectations.
Each one of our articles is worth much, much more than you will pay for it.

Exceptional prospective, nowadays forgotten by the overhelming persuasion of the media with the goal of suggesting homologated choices.
Find again the pleasure of originality.
A wonderful adventure in a really special world.
From French nineteenth-century shape to east models…

Today it is possible to have covers with reliefs on the spine and gold hot-engravings, without waiting, with great precision and pleasant results.

For the Industries we produce holders for samples of any shape, form, size.
The thickness of each page is calibrated to allow insertion of any type of material, without modifying the structure, useful, comfortable, perfect, easily transportable and beautifully storable.

Customized and printed covers in soft leather.
The pleasure of touching with the hand all what more special you can wish.

We can also marble the edges of the pages or leave them uncut.
Binding documents also with the innovative dynamic system.
Texts collected on special pivot bearings to astonish, make precious and exorcize the indifference.
Any format. Also with dedicated box. Customizable with engraving.

The Japonese binding is the most simple and genial method to bind documents.
Functional, practic, beautiful to behold.
A mix of functionality and minimalism.

The evolution of bindings: the dynamic book.
When closed it appears as a normal book. It opens like an I-pad and can be disposed in endless shapes.
Wonderful example of Italian fantasy and ability.

Since 1904 in Gallarate.