We shield your Projects with the unmistakable Italian Style!

Our cases shield from light, from shocks, from dust, but above all they give importance to the object.
Suitable for any occasion, for any type of document, edition and use.
This model, once open becomes a reading desk.

Album, volumes,… a special customized box for each one of them. From the single piece to the industrial production, for privates, offices, industries.
A special case gives authoritativeness.

A special case gives prestige.
Special cases for Archives, Libraries, Associations. They prevent or slow the process of paper oxidation, tailor-made with millimetric precision.
To everyone!

Particularly refined case, destined to Notary, Legal, Architecture Offices, to preserve deeds, files and projects.
Leather spines with protruding reliefs.
Customizable with melt labels and gold-engraved.

Beautiful aspect, useful, functional but above all made to last and influence the perception.
Absolutely associated to sensation of precious precision.

For projects destined to tenders, tailor-made dox with rings mechanism, complete with dedicated box.
Perfectly insertable into each other, easily transportable.
Stored in the library stands out for its aesthetic and technical features.
Even one single piece.

Never more dusty and wearily static Archives.
A new concept of technical furniture, pragmatic and amazing.
Instrument of excellence to show the quality of your professional performance.
Any type of cases for all exigencies: even innovative, original and complex.

For commercial communications, sampling, business propositions or simply to keep own editions up.

A case for any occasion: from anniversary to parties, to expo, …

Our products make the difference.
Tailor-made, perfect, upon demand and to everyone.

Wedding album: we prepare the album (you can choose the size, number of pages, type and colour of the cardstock, model of cover and customization), box and case for the two elements.

Elegance and glamour at lower costs than an anonymous object of industrial production.

Dox for Industry: we distinguish for the particular construction. Only rear-plate mechanisms, fixed with double rivets on three points (not industrial self-piercing rivets).
We use the correct direction of carton fibre, we produce the carton folding up to 3 mm., we coat and customize.

Special editions in precious materials, with shaping, engraving and dedicated box.
In short time, precise, defying the elapsing time.

Really special cases and very cheap if compared with the academic restorations.
Often in the archives the cost for treatment of the old files is such to dissuade anyone.
The use of these special cases represents a valid alternative.

Profit combined with beauty.
Parish archives, capitulars, State archives or Privates use this type of case with great satisfaction.

The reproduction of the stored document outside the box is possible.
Both vertically and horizontally storable.
Special boxes, also big-sized, and unique pieces.

Of any thickness, wide selection of coating materials and liners.
All customizable, with Company logo, inscriptions, engravings.

The simple box is easily customizable and represents an excellent alternative to the traditional binding.
Its versatility allows the replacement of the enveloping jacket in case of change of documents contained.
In any shape, size, colour, customization.
For Privates, Offices, Libraries, State Archives, …

Also for digital supports (disks, DVD, electronic keys, magnetic tapes), in antistatic material, perfect for filing and orderly use.

Perfect domestic settings, care in particulars, inner liners, execution with millimetric precision, side invitation for extraction!

Photo-album, signature books, books of Lions, Rotary, convivial, Clubs, Associations.

Authentic Italian handicraft, to everyone.