Singular ancient technique repeated with extraordinary success.

Singular ancient technique repeated with extraordinary success.
For any type of printing device, without the need of changing any print parameters!
Certified reams A/4 and submultiples, ready for use.
Any printed matter will take shape, dissolving the indifference.

We are selling reams but we can also dignify already composed volumes, no limits in performance.
Model: England Country

Our Customers: Typography, Lithography, Copy Shops, Privates, Stationery Shops, Libraries, Jewelleries, Professional Studios.
Model: Bright Blue

Always available in A/4 of excellent quality, for any use. The project is originated with the intention of making precious, emerging and set the indifference aside.
Model Green Splash

From the first hand-trials to the advanced handicraft replication.
Wide range of colours, archive always available.
Upon request we also produce new colour fantasies. Available from small-sized package of 125 ff to pallets.
We produce about 500 (five hundred) reams/day, on quality paper, of any weight, type and colour, hand-use,

500 ff-small pallets ready for despatch.

Since 1904 we have been marbling on paper in flat, since 2010 we are repeating on edges of reams destined to printers (laser, ink-jet, bubble-jet, thermal, needle, …).
Constant quality over time, ease of use, sure results!

The jewelleries bring this type of paper (in submultiples) near working instruments. Parker, Mont-Blanc, Waterman… a wonderful example of the most precious paper in the Globe near the pens.
Model: Tobacco Marble

Our reams are very similar to each other, constant and sure quality.
But impossible to obtain two identical reams!

Model: “Pettinato” Green

We can sell the reams ready for printing and also produce manufactured articles for the distribution.
Customized covers, blocks upon demand, even customized on each and any sheet.
Eventual perforation for a perfect tear-off of the block sheets.

Emerging is simple with our products. We are the sole manufacturer over the whole Europe.
A story of Italian handicraft, able to transform without forgetting the original tradition.

Our reams, opportunely printed and bound, find wide appreciation of the communication businessman.
Recognized as branch trend. Wanted for the particular manufacture, fantasy and packaging.

Really special results, since authentic handicraft.
Come and visit our headquarters in Gallarate 21013 (VA) – Italy, at any time.

Also the most simple document, bound with the essential Japonese technique, takes a special relief.
We can supply the A/4 pre-punched reams (3-5-7-9 holes of abt. 1,5 mm), predisposed for Japonese binding.
We replicate marbling also on already finished volumes (the cover is incorporated at a later stage).
This technique turns a simple book into a real masterpiece.

New horizons for collectors and amateurs.

Embassies, Consulates, Notaries, Lawyers, Engineers, Stylists, Architects, Communication Agencies, Institutions, Foundations, Art Galleries, Business Consultants, Printing Houses, Antique Dealers and Trend Shops expose this type of paper for the authoritativeness that communicates. A simple sheet of paper that encloses an extraordinary Italian secret.

It is impossible to list the possibilities of use, let yourself be guided by your fantasy: from a precious gift for its rarity, to the possibility of conveying the sensibility through the most noble among the materials.

Authoritative, never-ending, extraordinary and yet so easy to order and use.
Transform your own volumes into Art Icons, you will enjoy this activity and make your library more valuable.

Marbling is made after the gilding technique (authentic gold leaf deposited on the books profile) but for sure more precious and important than the industrial page edges!
(for instance, the fake gilding made on the current diaries).

Marbling: gorgeous technique to transform a simple sheet of paper.
We have been doing it since 1904.
When you buy a reproduction on ream you do not buy some simple paper but a fragment of Italian history, destined to acquire value over the time.

Register with your e-mail, you will be updated on new patterns, packaging and availability.
For the presents, we can customize each ream with the references of the recipient.

Italian Handicraft… when the Soul is in love with the hand.